Ship/Captains/Skilltree Builder Rules/Info


Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting the site.

A lot of work has gone into making the shipbuilder/captains/skilltree builder. There are a few rules we would ask you to follow when using these tools.

  1. Registration is required for the ship/captains, but the skilltree builder can be used without registration. This will unlikely change, as a lot of work on the other tools to make them editable and able to be update as your ship/captain progresses in game.
  2. we reserve the right to remove any entry that violates either our fleet rules or just common decency.
  3. there are no limits on how many ships you can create.
  4. if you find a bug, please send an email to bugs@terranimperialguard.com. when sending a bug report, please include as much info as you can, what you were doing, what browser/OS you are using, the link to the ship/captain/skilltree that you were working on. the more info, the more I will be able to help you. bug reports that are like “this is broken” and nothing more will be ignored.
  5. feel free to join our discord if you need help, https://discord.gg/YBsukJAxZU, you will be looking for inquisitor coding or flt.mrsl Mickster.

There are future improvements that will be added. we are looking into creating a ground builder as well in the near future for the captains, but since this is a “free time” type of project, I can only work on it when I can. I do plan on releasing the code for this project as open source eventually, but since it requires another wordpress plugin to operate correctly, that plugin is in functioning order to run on the site atm, it has several key components that i have to manage manually atm that i do plan on automating in the near future. till that work is done, i wont be freely opening the source code to this project. if you want to see it let me know, inquisitor coding, and i can give you access to the repos on github to take a look and use if you want, as long as you understand how it all works and are okay with dealing with that.

I will try to post a road map of features that are to come. so stay tuned 🙂

also if you wish to donate to me, if you find these tools useful or just to say “thanks” you can donate whatever you feel to Donate