Database Issue


We had a database issue last night, I updated a plugin and it caused a bit of havoc on the update. I think i got everything restored, if not, let me know.

If your ship/captain has the wrong user associated with it, email me at inquisitor@terranimperialguard.com and i will get that fixed ASAP for you. If you can not log in, try resetting your password, i had to rebuild some of the latest registered members from an older DB that didn’t have all the completed registration information in it.

Sorry for this, I thought had a more recent back up of the database, but it seems the one i had was several hours older. I will be more vigilant in the future when updating plugins. I had tested in the dev site, and it had no issue, but something on the live server caused it to act up.

Thanks for your understanding. again if you can’t login, try resetting your password or recreating your user, if you ship has the wrong user assigned to it, send me an email at inquisitor@terranimperialguard.com